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Hire Kitchen Porter Staff in London


snc10 S&C recruitment a Leading hospitality sector recruitment company in LondonHiring a Kitchen Porter staff begins with an excellent job description highlighting their role and importance to restaurant success.

The task of Hiring of Kitchen Porter Staff in London is not as simple as it appears, though the position of kitchen Porter is entry -level, still in the restaurant industry it might provide a great basis for a career. In employment field, it is quite a popular position for the one with little work experience. It may also help to construct a resume. We as a recruiting agency in London offers you the best people in town. Many responsibilities are left on kitchen Porter performing most of the activities in the kitchen like cleaning, dishwashing, basic meal preparation and much more. Summarizing their job description of kitchen porter staff is what one may anticipate from this position and the opportunities or advancement.

Why to consult hiring firms?

Only the hiring firms i.e., the recruiting agency has the complete data of the skilled and unskilled staff which makes it easier for them to fill the position in less time.

  • The recruiting agencies are highly competent in finding the most appropriate candidate according to the requirement of the organization.
  • The recruiting company/ agency acquire extensive knowledge of the workforce.
  • The recruiting company is able to make a complete background check of the candidates before offering them to any organization.

Basic Duties/Responsibilities of a Kitchen Porter Staff.

Kitchen Porter staff offered by the recruiting agency are in charge of basic meal preparation, kitchen sanitation and keeping the space tidy. It can be strongly concluded that the key responsibility of kitchen Porter staff is to maintain health regulations by keeping Restaurant’s kitchen hygienic along with maintaining the kitchen safety standards and excellent stamina to work for long hours. One important thing to be taken into consideration is that no matter how excellent the cooking staff may be the overall ranking of the restaurant would we going up only with the team work of cooking staff along with the kitchen Porter staff.


Basic responsibilities of kitchen Porter staff: –

  • The staffs are liable to clean and sanitize the places utilized in food preparation in addition to the ovens, grills and stoves etc.
  • Their duty involves the cleaning and organising freezers, refrigerator actors and storage spaces.
  • Their duty is to keep the work surface, floors and walls clean and sanitized on a regular basis.
  • They are also responsible in cleaning cutlery, tools and cookware, so that their availability is assured to the kitchen staff.
  • Another duty assigned to the staff is assisting the chef with food preparation tasks such as peeling, cleaning and chopping materials for meals.

Why to choose us as a Recruiting agency?

We as a recruiting agency provide kitchen Porter staff to the restaurants, who are seeking for the staff for their kitchen, always keep few things in mind: –

. Time management: – We always consider that the staff we are providing follow a strict schedule and the ability to transition easily in between essential tasks. This helps them to analyse the duration of tasks assigned and prioritize the essential ones.

. Team work: – We believe in team work so their role exists within a team that works in past-paced kitchen environment. To excel this role the ability to take direction and understanding the workflow is essential.

. Communication: – An essential part of the skills of kitchen Porter staff is that they require excellent communication skills. Porter observes the problems occurring with the equipment and inform to the kitchen manager about the necessity and also explain how much inventory is available.

. Food safety and Sanitation procedures: -The staffs we provide as kitchen porters helps in keeping the food free from cross contaminating by ensuring the surfaces to be clean. The most essential knowledge is of proper storage and preparation of different ingredients.

. Detailed Attention: – We always assure that the staff will take complete responsibility of organising, cleaning and storage, that is to become diligent and pays close attention to the environment.


SNC as a recruiting agency is providing full hand support for any business requiring the kitchen Porter staff providing them skilful and efficient workforce. We are an emerging name in serving the best in hiring the best kitchen Porter Staff in London.

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