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snc13 S&C recruitment a Leading hospitality sector recruitment company in LondonWe are always busy in our daily lives and always have our hands full, so there is a high demand for hiring domestic house keepers across the globe. We can save our lots of time and energy by finding house keeping staff, especially for house cleaning. We can devote that time to other important tasks like increase in enjoying the quality time with our friends and family.

Few basic rules for Hiring House keeping staff in London.

There are few basic rules while moving to your requirement i.e., Hiring a house keeping staff in London. You should always hire a domestic helper that has a good temperament and a kind nature. Make them feel comfortable in the house and get them involved in small conversation to get to know them better.

Few tips to keep in mind when going through House keeping job profiles.

  • Clear financial matters at the beginning of hiring housekeeping staff ensuring payment terms transparent. Also confirm monthly wages and lay ground rules about taking leave.
  • Schedule a meeting with your new house keeper before hiring them. Discuss their concerns too, sharing suggestions, asking questions etc. Finally decide whether the working relationship is acceptable for both the parties.
  • It is essential to inquire whether your helper has an insurance plan or not, if they injure themselves. Again, encourage them to take few health and life insurance benefits.
  • Since the housekeepers will be frequenting the house, it is strongly advised that they should be fit for work and has no health issues or long-term illness records.

Role of a housekeeper:

In any household, housekeeper is a crucial part of family, but you may be wondering how they fill their day with the work. There are many essential tasks performed by a housekeeper to keep the house run smoothly, and it can also turn out to be a successful and fulfilling career.

The general duties that a housekeeper performs everyday are: –

  • Maintaining communication with the family directly.
  • General Household like cleaning, polishing, mopping, dusting etc.
  • Laundry (including washing, ironing, wardrobe management etc).
  • Cleaning bathrooms, restocking bathroom items and changing towels too.
  • Liaising with all household staff.

Why prefer us as Hiring Firms?

SNC as a hiring firm looks out on the requirement of your company and provide the best we can. Along with this, while providing workers /employees we always keep few things in mind. When we are engaged with your requirement of hiring housekeeping staff in London our priority is most likely to be: –

  • Though they need not to be necessarily professionally qualified but at least should carry professional attitude and be dedicated towards their duties.
  • Though many housekeepers work on their own and set their time according to the family requirements. We always prefer for such employee who can provide their services minimum 7-9 hours a day.
  • We prefer a background check to be essential. Their contact details along with their identity proofs along with photography before providing them to any company.
  • As a part of Background check only, we always ask for references, also contact their references too.
  • To ensure safety and security, before getting them hired, we go through that whether they possess any criminal record.


SNC can turn out to be the perfect option to find out your ideal housekeeper whether be it full time, part time, live in or live out, we are acquired with having a great selection of candidates to suit your every need as we serve as one of the best recruiting agencies for your need of Hiring a Housekeeping staff in London.

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